Arrival to Yuyo from San José
Arrival to Yuyo from San José
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Arrival to Yuyo from San José

Arrival to Finca Yuyo from San José

on arrival at the airport Juan Santamaria in San José
If you’re coming from far, you’ve had a long journey and might prefer to spend a night in San José. If you need a tip on where to stay, we found 935 Lodge to be pretty good. It’s not on the lower end of cheap places to stay, though. If you have good experiences where to stay cheap, let us know, then we can share those experiences with other volunteers here.
In any case, you will have to get from the airport to San José, either by bus or by cab, in the later case insist that the taxi meter is turned on. This is done by default and most taxistas are okay, but if you catch a black sheep, just insist: “Ponga la Maria” = “Turn on the taximeter.” The buses are much cheaper of course.

There are then different ways to get from San José to our finca.

1) You can take a direct bus to Puerto Viejo de Limón, same bus terminal as described under 1. Attention, there is also another Puerto Viejo (de Sarapiqui) so always add Puerto Viejo de Limón. Once you arrive in Puerto Viejo, you can take a cab or a tuktuk (covered tricycle with two-stroke engine), costs up to us 10000 colones at the moment, usually it is 8000 Colones. But be careful, the road to us is not so good that everyone likes to drive up there and you have to clarify that beforehand. If you wish, we can try to organize a tuktuk driver for you. Just let us know in time. Buses leave about every hour during the day.
2) Take a direct bus to Manzanillo, then you don’t have to change buses. The bus station for buses to Manzanillo is: Terminal San José. Between Avenida 7 and Avenida 9, Calle 12. (Autotransportes Mepe) The bus currently seems to leave once a day at 12:00 (This can change and is not constantly updated here). The bus then goes via Limón to Puerto Viejo de Limón. When you arrive in Puerto Viejo after about 5 – 6 hours (because there is a huge construction site between San José and Limón, it currently takes a long time, usually only 4 h), you can tell the driver that you want to get off at the place where the road Ole de Caribe leaves. This is about 5 km south of Puerto Viejo in the urbanization called Cocles. If you are a bit hard-boiled and thrifty, you can then walk in the street Olé de Caribe. With luggage and depending on your speed it takes about 30 – 60 minutes. It goes uphill and downhill, mostly uphill. It is about 3 km. At one point after about 2 km there is a fork, keep left there. You can reach us via Telegram or Signal via internet if you have any questions, we do not have telephone reception in the conventional sense. But: The last 500 meters are not covered by the telephone company therefore there is no signal.
3) You can take a bus to Limón and then change to a bus to Puerto Viejo and continue as under 1. Attention, in Limón you have to change the terminal, about 400 meters. We will not describe this in detail for now. Buses leave about every hour during the day.

Attention, all information without guarantee, was just compiled from my own memories and Internet information and is not yet error tested. I. e. does not release you from your own research 😊