Drinking Water Bottle Change – Working Instructions
Drinking Water Bottle Change – Working Instructions
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Drinking Water Bottle Change – Working Instructions

When the container is empty, proceed as follows:

1) Put empty container in the patio, where the sign with the inscription “empty bidon” is.

2) Full containers are under the counter of the volunteer kitchen. Take one from there. Attention, when you take away the third last bottle, so there are only 2 full ones left, write a message in the Telegram group “Yuyo-volonteer-community” with appropriate content, so for example “only 2 full containers left”. Without this message we cannot guarantee a steady supply of drinking water!

3) Cut with a pointed knife a cross in the middle of the plastic lid with a length of about 2 cm of each cross bar. Attention, danger of injury. If you are not confident enough to do this, get help.

4) Then place the container with the plastic lid downwards with the cross on the plastic tip (a kind of valve) inside the container base, which serves as a water dispenser.

5) Check that nothing is overflowing/leaking. If it does, take the container down and get help.