Huelal Totga Ideas and free Agreements
Huelal Totga Ideas and free Agreements
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Huelal Totga Ideas and free Agreements

Huelal Totga
Radical ecological foundation for cultivating the knowledge of not defending nature, but being part of a defending nature.
Goals are

  • To buy up rainforest areas that are in danger of being exploited and destroyed by capitalist exploitation systems, preferably lands that are outside of governmental or other areas that are already protected.
  • Buying up exploited areas for the purpose of “renaturation”, whatever we mean by that, we will define more precisely soon.
  • To offer a place to some people, regardless of privileges, so that they can maintain themselves as part of nature as self-supporting on the areas of the foundation. For this, it is necessary that they can come to terms with the objectives of the Foundation and comply with the so-called free agreements of the Foundation. There can be only so many people on the partial lands, as it is possible that they can feed themselves without hunting and vegan and do not destroy existing animal territories, (except wasps and termites, insects???).
  • To purchase the lands in such a way that no trees have to be cut down to create planting land for self-sufficiency. The individual subplots can exchange to be able to feed themselves in a healthy way.
  • To create funds through donations through appropriate channels so that saving more land is guaranteed.
  • To bring the contributors to a collaborative process so that this reallabour becomes resource-saving living as an incentive for others to emulate.
  • The individual subplots of the foundation help each other according to the needs of the commons concept.
  • Networking with other political, social or cultural groups or contexts naturally close to us.
  • – Creation of free spaces, so that participants are not occupied permanently only in the self-preservation, but also with the groups in the straight before-mentioned point supportingly with to become active can.