Neo-tropical Hog-nosed Pit-viper
Neo-tropical Hog-nosed Pit-viper
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Neo-tropical Hog-nosed Pit-viper

((Porthidium nasutum) venemous

On our jungle tour 30th January 24 we found this animal at the very beginning between the Huelal-Totga property and our neighbour on the way. As it was almost black it was hard to see. It was hardly moving and we took a stick to push it from the way. Thanks to our neighbo Finn who is a biologist specialized on snakes we always find out fast, which species we found. We just send him a picture and usually after a couple of minutes we know what kind of snake it is.

25.05.24 when we worked on the land cleaning it from old Bambus we had a new encounter with this species. The snake – after being startled by our work – remained in the foliage for 20 minutes before slithering away unnoticed. Here is her picture: