Repro Tasks
Repro Tasks
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Repro Tasks

Consistent Tasks

These task(s) are to be repeated every given day at the start of the shift. If you ever need clarification, please send a Telegram or Signal message to (+506 8983 4058)

WARNING: While doing all tasks always be on the lookout for termites and termite poop, it is smaller than rice, and white. The worst kind of termite in the area is called Polia, and it does damage VERY QUICKLY.


Cleaning the Patio

  1. First, remove all tools and trash from the area.
    1. Tools go in the Bodega, be sure to ask how everything is placed and someone will show you where every tool belongs.
    2. Trash goes in the brown bin by the toilets.
  2. Second, brush down all surfaces.
    1. The small red hand sized broom is used to wipe down all surfaces and the saw(s) in the patio area. Just wipe onto the floor.
  3. Third, brush the floor and collect with the dustpan located by the other brooms. Throw all sediment into the brown bin by the bathroom.
  4. If any damage or out of place things are noticed, go to the white board by the computer room and mark by the to do list what needs to be done (For example, Wood needs to be moved, Water damage to the wall behind the hand saw, etc)


Cleaning the Crooked House

  1. First, get the small brush, a big broom, and a dust pan. These can be found in the patio past the three bathrooms. Go up the small set of stairs and on your left should be all the brooms and dustpans
  2. Bring them with you up the stairs located between the Open Office and the patio.}
  3. In all areas not occupied, clean all surfaces such as the floor, shelves, furniture, and stairs. All dust should be put into the dustpan and put into the trash located by the main kitchen.
  4. While cleaning, check for damage or out of place items. All damage should be reported and items put back where they belong. If unsure where something goes, ask for guidance via walkie talkie or Telegram or Signal  (+506 8983 4058)
  5. This is a living area so be sure to make the space nice for guests and people staying here. Try and make it how you would want your space to look when first arriving.