Snakes overview
Snakes overview
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Snakes overview

english Namelatin Namedate of first encounterfurther encounterscomment
False Coral SnakeOxytrophus petula28.12.2023
Cat Eyed SnakeLeptodeira polysticta (septentrionalis)21.12.2023
Vine SnakeOxybelis koehleri17.11.202308.12.23, 04.06.24
Eyelash ViperBothriechis schlegelii17.08.2023
Cloudy Snail EaterSibon nebulatus01.03.202429.02.24
Neotropical bird eating snakePhrynonax poecilonotus13.06.2024
Coral SnakeMicrurus mosquitensis22.03.2024highly venemous
Neo-tropical Hog-nosed Pit-viperPorthidium nasutum30.01.202425.05.24venemous