Volunteer Questionnaire
Volunteer Questionnaire
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Volunteer Questionnaire

  • Telephone number? _______________________
  • telegram or signal phone number? ______________________(if different from 1)
  • E-mail address? _____________________-
  • what day did you arrive in Yuyo?
  • when do you want to leave? _________________
  • If less than 30 days be aware of extra-charges which must be paid now.
  • room? Chilamate o Tucan (underline the room you stay)
  • are we allowed to take pictures and/or videos of you with prior notice, for example, during your activities here? _________ (Yes/No)
  • may we publish them on our website, e.g. if they turn out well? _____ (Yes/No)
  • You want to be part of the Telegram group Yuyo-volonteer-community? _____ (Yes/No)
  • are there any medical conditions we should be aware of, e.g. allergies, etc.? ________ (yes/no)
  • if yes, which ones? _______________________