Waiver liability – House rules – free agreements
Waiver liability – House rules – free agreements
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Waiver liability – House rules – free agreements


I, ______________________, with identity card and/or passport
of the country __ number ___; (hereinafter
“User and/or Guest”) hereby expressly accept the following General
Terms and Conditions of Yuyo SRL (hereinafter the “Administration”):

House Agreements

Check in-procedure, accommodation.

1.     Volunteers and tourist guests
staying at the Yuyo site go through our check-in routine and are assigned a
room and a bed and a towel rack in the bathroom.

2.     Check-in is between 10:30am –
5:00pm, please plan to make it that way. For those who can’t make it, please
let us know ahead of time via Signal or Telegram to +506 89834058. Check out
time from the rooms is 10:00am, on the site 5:00pm.

3.     While Yuyo SRL will attempt to
accommodate individual requests in bed, room and
work shift assignments (Mon., Tues., Wed., or Wed., Thurs., Fri.), it will
ultimately do so in a manner that seems most practical to the operators.

4.     We take off our shoes in the areas
of the houses.

5.     We are the real-life laboratory for
resource-efficient living and therefore are mindful of electricity, water,
dishwashing detergent, shampoo, tools, bicycles, etc. When realizing potential
for improvement in others, we bring it to their attention, but it is more about
encouraging participation than admonishing.

6.     The volunteers’ dormitories are to
be swept once a week and mopped once a month. Every 14 days, the bed linen is
to be changed, taken off when moving out and fresh ones are to be provided.

Expected Behavior

7.     Yuyo SRL, upon noticing sexual or violent
assault, threats of violence, use of intimidating, condescending and/or abusive
language, will not let this behavior go unanswered. We will try to solve the
underlying conflicts and/or problems fundamentally and not just suppress
symptoms. In doing so, we will be guided by the practice of transformative

8.     Dogmatic, compulsive, obsessive, self-destructive,
or destructive behavior should also elicit a response, i.e., not simply be

9.     Behavior like under point 1 and 2 as
well as others, not yet listed here, may make it necessary for us to declare a Safe
space here on the Yuyo premises, which then actually excludes massively
disruptive people. For this exclusion we will then take appropriate measures,
if this cannot be brought about by consensus.

10.  Regardless of this, we try to live a
far-reaching reduction of hierarchy and privileges here.

11.  Yuyo S.R.L. is a drug-free project,
which can also serve as a safe space for people who are going through
withdrawal. Therefore, we strictly ensure that no substances classified by us
as drugs are consumed on the site here. This includes:

a.      Legal substances such as nicotine,
alcohol, (marijuana).

b.     Illegal substances such as cocaine,
crack, meth, heroin, LSD, marijuana, amphetamines, etc.

c.      Prescription drugs such as
neuroleptics, sleeping pills, painkillers, psychiatric drugs – if you got to
take them because a doctor says so we want to know that.

d.     Substances classified by us as
problematic such as caffeine (coffee, black tea), industrial sugar, until
further notice, the rule is that it can be stored and consumed in the volunteer
kitchen and its terrace. We recommend avoiding foods to which industrially
manufactured sugar has been added.

Non-compliance will be considered a
serious violation of the free agreements made here and will not remain without

12.  We expect that responsibility for
any damage caused (whether by an intentional, negligent or reckless act or
omission) to infrastructure will be accepted and reported immediately.

13.  We would like to point out that the
operators and the volunteers are housed in neighboring rooms, which are only
separated by wooden walls, which makes the whole thing very noisy and gives the
project a commune character. We expect consideration, e.g., by using headphones
when consuming media, but we are not a sanatorium. Those who don’t get along
well with this have to reckon with the fact that our project might not be the
right one. To find a solution for this situation, we are trying to set up a
traffic light room as soon as possible, which should then also be better
soundproofed. Whoever needs it can withdraw there and set the “traffic
light” to “red” = “do not disturb” or to
“orange” = “first knock and wait for entry request”, at
“green” one can simply enter. However, since the traffic light room
should potentially be available for everyone, occupancy by individuals for days
at a time will be viewed critically and addressed. But is not yet realized
anyway, only as a concept. But maybe a project for our volunteers who are
currently here.


14.  The following applies to the work
shifts: When a new volunteer arrives, he/she/other automatically gets the work
time block (Mon. – Wed. or Thurs. – Sat.) of the volunteer whose place he/she/other
takes, at least if all other places are occupied and therefore there is no
choice. However, within the volunteers it can be decided without pressure
whether there is a willingness to change the working time block.

15.  There is repro work on a daily, weekly,
or monthly basis. These are to be performed by the volunteers who are scheduled
to work on the days these jobs are to be done. If more than one volunteer is
scheduled to work and no quick agreement can be reached on who does what, we
suggest a roll of the dice. Please rotate the task completion so that
individuals are not always doing more or more difficult tasks than others. An
overview of the tasks hangs in the open office, the completed tasks should be
checked off on the overview after completion,

16.  For safety reasons (snake bites,
accidents at work), we expect volunteers to carry loaded, switched-on
walkie-talkies with them when working on the site; there is a special briefing
and work instructions for this.

17.  We expect that the work is carried
out carefully according to the work instructions, tools and work equipment are
returned to their storage places in working order and cleaned after completion
of the work and are charged there if necessary.

18.  We take part in the morning rounds
which take place Wednesdays 08:30 a.m. in the volunteer’s kitchen.  

19.  We work off pending repro work first
thing in the morning unless there is something more pressing in the pipeline.

20.  Upon completion of the work, the
required tools and materials should be returned to appropriate location.

21.  We are here in the tropics and live
on the edge of the rainforest, this scenario has certain risks that should be
considered when working on the site. There are animals in Costa Rica that can
be quite dangerous to humans, especially to mention venomous spiders, wasps and
bees and other insects that can sting, transmitting poisons or diseases, as
well as large wild cats and other mammals that could attack in certain
situations. Therefore, volunteers are required to have a radio from Yuyo with
them when working on the site and return it for recharging at the end of work
in the above office

22.  Radio instruction received and
understood: ____________________

Alimentation, Water

23.  The water from the pipe is collected
rainwater from a part of the roofs. We are currently working (as of June 11th)
to improve and automate this system and connect a much larger percentage of the
roofs to capture than we currently have. We are also looking at adding a
three-stage gravel filter routine. However, this will take a while and even
after that the tap water will not be able to serve as drinking water.

24.  For autonomous drinking water, we
are aiming for a well solution, this is another important project, which is
currently in the start-up phase as of June 11th)

25.  Currently we buy the drinking water
in so-called “Bidones”, which are plastic bottles with about 18
liters content. A rather high deposit has to be paid on these bottles. We cause
thereby plastic needs – after all a deposit system – as well as additional
transport costs and by the journeys with rented Transporteuris accordingly
additional CO2 emissions, which we would like to improve fast.

26.  The need for drinking water for the
volunteers is covered 100% by Yuyo. Jule and Stefan take care that there is
enough drinking water. The bidones for the Volontäris are in the Volontäri
kitchen under the counter.
Los bidones llenos están bajo el mostrador de la cocina de voluntarios.
Coge uno de allí. Atención, cuando te lleves el antepenúltimo bidón, es decir,
que sólo queden 2 llenos, escribe un mensaje en el grupo de Telegram
“Yuyo-volonteer-community” con el contenido correspondiente, por
ejemplo “sólo quedan 2 Bidones llenos”. ¡Sin este mensaje no podemos
garantizar un suministro constante de agua potable!

27.  Consumption of animal products on
the site is undesirable. Since a purely vegan diet can lead to vitamin B12
deficiency if consumed over a long period of time, we provide all volunteers
with a daily compensatory dose in the form of a tablet These are located on the
countertop in the main kitchen.

28.  Since the Yuyo project is currently
still far from being able to produce food for the people staying there, it is
still necessary to buy it. The concept at the moment is to provide basic food
on the 3 working days of the volunteers. On the days where the volunteers work,
porridge is provided in the morning and a full vegan meal is provided in the
evening and there is no charge for this. For lunch you can check what´s in the
main kitchen refrigerator on your working days.

29.  On days when volunteers are not
working, they take care of their alimentation themselves. Many foods are not
very cheap in Costa Rica, especially in the area between Puerto Viejo and
Manzanillo, which is very developed for tourism. We are aware of that and therefore
offer the possibility on your days off to check with us whether you could
harvest something from the site. We usually have Katuk here and sometimes
Malanga, Kurkuma, Bananas, Platanos and other fruits or vegetables.

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