Work introduction electric hand-held circular saw
Work introduction electric hand-held circular saw
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Work introduction electric hand-held circular saw

Beside the fact that you can create many things independently with a circular saw, there are also great dangers hidden there. We are talking about a hand-held circular saw, a mechanical device.

The hand-held circular saw has a high speed, namely at least 1000 watts. In addition, we are talking about an extremely sharp object. It is essential that you observe all safety measures!

  • The electric hand-held circular saw is on the shelf on the left side of the bodega and should be put back there immediately after use.
  • •             Safety goggles, mouth guard and ear-protection are on the shelf at the head of the roomand should be put back there immediately after use.
  • •             Always disconnect the tool from the power supply when you no longer need it!!!!!
  • •             Never leave the device without supervision, especially for children, their curiosity can quickly become a great danger.
  • •             Work slowly and carefully. Try to avoid hectic situations at all costs.
  • •             Follow the instructions on what clothing you should wear.
  • •             Many people still believe that gloves are the most suitable clothing for working with a saw.
  • However, with a hand-held circular saw, you could do no worse than wear gloves. If pieces of your glove get caught in the circular saw, you will hardly be able to get your hand out of the glove unharmed.
  • •             Changing the saw blade will be done from Stefan or Jule or requires a special Training. So if it feels like the blade is not sharp enough stop working, unplug and inform them.
  • •             It is also advisable to unplug the machine when it is left unattended.
  • •             Ensure absolute safety when working with a hand-held circular saw. Be sure to tie long hair into a braid.
  • •             Chains and scarves could also get caught in the circular saw, so please take them off before working with the saw.
  • •             Protect your ears from the noise and your mouth and nose from the dirt. A hand-held circular saw produces a very high noise level when in use, so protect your ears with ear protection.
  • •             The saw sends a lot of small shavings flying through the room, so to prevent these shavings from getting into your mouth or nose, please wear a mouth guard or respirator.
  • •             Wear clothing that is tight against your body. Any item that is loose against your body can be caught by the circular saw.
  • •             And any item of clothing of theirs that can be caught by the saw can also pull them into the machine.
  • •             Do not tamper with the machine because you might think you know better or that your tactics might make you work faster.
  • •             Rather, get the results slowly but healthily.
  • •             Check your hand-held circular saw before you use it. Are all parts, such as the saw blade, correctly mounted?
  • •             Take off jewellery, necklaces and scarves before working with the circular saw. Tie up long hair for safety reasons.

Read and understood, Cocles, Costa Rica

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