Working instructions Walkie Talkie
Working instructions Walkie Talkie
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Working instructions Walkie Talkie

When working on the premises, everyone should carry a radio.
The radios can be picked up in the upstairs office. The loaded radios are located in the file rack attached to the wall on the left side of the room.
The radios can be turned on by turning the knob clockwise in the upper right corner, the radio will then give the spoken message “Power on”. If it does not, it must be recharged by plugging it into a charger. In this case, take a charged radio.
We all work with channel 1, the channel control is the rotary switch to the left of the power on rotary switch. Changing channels is also output as a spoken message, for example: “One”
Activating a connection to all switched on radios in the near vicinity – depending on the terrain, obstacles, etc. approx. 1 km – works via the so-called Push – To – Talk button, which is located on the left side. It must be held down during the entire talk process, but released afterwards. If it is not released, possible answers cannot be heard. If it is not held down during the talk process, we will not be heard. Practice.
After finishing work in the field, the radio should be brought into the upstairs office and plugged into a charger.
The chargers take a bit of getting used to and close attention must be paid to making sure the radio is plugged into the plastic rails in the charger in just the right way to make charging contact. It then worked when the LED on the charger lights up red, indicating the charging process. As soon as this jumps to green, the radio is full and can be removed and placed on the folder shelf.
One charger is on the small table next to the laminator. If that is currently occupied there are three more chargers, all on the attached wooden bars in the corner between the two windows.